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Which high school is right for me? What are my interests and my passions?  What do I do well with little effort? What do I want to be when I grow up?



How do I re-think or re-invent my professional life during a career or life transition?



Are you a foreigner living in Italy, wanting to live this experience to its fullest but have doubts? Do you feel out of your comfort zone and lost in your new home?

Who are we?

Sinopia is a team of two professional counselors and coaches: Daria Dall’Igna and Véronique Balduzzi.  We are multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual and we were trained both in Italy and abroad.  We offer support to teenagers, young adults and adults; we accompany them through their journey of self-discovery, helping them to explore what they like, their passions, talents and professional interests.  

Our aim is to motivate to find the ideal job, and help define the steps to get there.



During my sessions with Sinopia I discovered that I had skills that were highly valued in the professional world. I want to thank Sinopia and Véronique in particular because with her gentle, sensitive and professional help she has managed to get rid of my lack of clarity and made me focus on finding a job that I really like!


Throughout these six sessions I re-examined my past, combed through my attitudes, skills and family heritage and finally understood which fields I love, which professional values motivates me and what are my added qualities. I have the feeling of having cleared up (habits, skills, passions) and now I feel I can explore my new interests with great energy.


I found these orientation sessions to be very helpful in order to deeply understand myself, to discover my inclinations and the professional area to engage myself in. Sinopia helped me identify my ideal academic path and my future career direction.


When I started coming to the sessions I also started a great intimate journey. In sharing experiences with the other people I understood what was blocking me from choosing and looking at my past, I realized which are the projects I want to work on in the future. Now I know to have talent, and to be able to reach a professional objective that is all mine (...) I felt part of something important and I decided I would stop limiting myself and be satisfied with less, I decided I would give myself the space I deserve.



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