Who we are


Véronique Fabbri-Balduzzi

Professional Counselor /  School, Career and life transition counseling
I have always been fascinated by the uniqueness of people and their stories:  my own life experience has naturally drawn me to take care of people who are going through a transition.

Following a first career as a corporate lawyer in Paris, a 10 year experience in the USA and two children, I moved to Italy in 2006.  

While living in California, I decided to change career paths and got an MA in Counseling Psychology from  John F. Kennedy University.  

Back in Europe, I specialized in school guidance and more recently trained in France on narrative approach.  Ever since the beginning of my counseling career, I have served a diverse clientele in terms of age, cultural and socio-economic background: my clients are expats and migrants, young people, students and adults.  

Today, as the co-founder of Sinopia and part of the Co-stanza team in Florence, I’m still working with schools and institutions, both private and public, Italian and foreign and I continue to support individuals and groups who need to be helped in the field of self-developmentschool and career orientation.


Daria Dall’Igna

Professional Counselor /  School, Career and Multicultural Counseling
My passion is supporting individuals in exploring their potential, to help them shape an academic or career project aligned with who they are.

After getting a BA in European Studies at Royal Holloway University of London, I specialized in Expressive Art Counseling in Italy and later in Orientation Coaching and Narrative Practices in France.  

I have been leading Expressive Counseling groups in both private and public schools and institutions, working with diverse age groups and also collaborating with foreign graduate schools and universities to promote students’ wellbeing and foster cultural integration.  

In the past years, I have become passionate about the issues of school orientation and career transition. I  co-founded Sinopia and started a rich collaboration with Spazio CO-STANZA in Florence where I offer school and career counseling services to individuals and groups.   

Currently, I continue my training and search for new stimulating and challenging professional tools both in Italy and abroad.



The Sinopia is a preliminary sketch used during the Renaissance as a base for the frescoes that were then realized on top of it.  The artist had the freedom to change the initial idea while proceeding with the permanent work.

Similarly, our orientation services support clients in the process of drawing their own school, career or life project bearing in mind the importance of following their individual aptitudes, interests, talents, personality and values.

For the masters of the Italian Renaissance, the Sinopia was a starting point that could be enriched, modified or made permanent in the final frescoe.  Likewise, our philosophy is to put the clients’ idea at the center and step after step, help them shape a project that is aligned with who they are and what they want.

Comments and opinions

What makes Sinopia orientation counseling different from any other, is the fact that it allows you to understand what you really want to find in your academic/professional project. In doing so, it helps you clarify the direction you want to take and why.



The most useful thing for me is that it made me think about my passions and how to match them with real professional areas. It also gave the chance to discover jobs I did not know existed. I recommend these orientation sessions and I would tell people: “Do you still not know who you really are? Then you must go there and find your passions.”



I found these orientation sessions to be very helpful in order to deeply understand myself, to discover my inclinations and the professional area to engage myself in. Sinopia helped me identify my ideal academic path and my future career direction.